Miho, a humble house lit gently by the neon glare of the Alibi across the street, is a fairly new entry in Portland's recent love affair with the izakaya (Japanese food and sake bar). For that, it's quickly carved out a niche as an über-friendly, low-price-point hangout for the Northeast crowd. Chef Michael Miho skews toward comfort Japanese with personal twists; the heaping roast pork ramen ($8) has a dominant note of smoke, while the rich pork belly skewers come seared on all sides for texture (more chefs should do this so well) with an accompanying sweet egg that doubles as goofy, half-savory dessert. Asparagus ($6) comes crisp and glazed in miso butter. Don't worry if you don't know what to order; co-owner Michael Carothers has a habit of cheerily soft-upselling you into sated, drunken oblivion. But be alert: If they offer you the tatami room your meat might end up tasting like your neighbor's socks, so choose your neighbors wisely.