The Harajuku-style crêpe hails from a region of Tokyo known for its outrageous fashions and trendy cafes. How it ended up halfway around the world, flourishing among Mexican grocery stores and used-car yards on this gritty stretch of Southeast Division Street, we'll never know. Mojo's 10 crêpe variations aren't quite as extreme as some of their Japanese counterparts, which often contain entire slices of cheesecake or chicken teriyaki, but still hit the sweet spot. Each crêpe ($5.25) is cooked up crispy and thin, then layered with combinations of fruit, ice cream, syrups and other sucrose-based delicacies, like crushed Oreos, Nutella and condensed milk. The whole shebang is rolled into a cone shape and topped with whipped cream. None of these elements is exceptional on its own, but combined they make for a sloppy, sugary, silly treat. For something a little more exotic and less likely to induce type 2 diabetes, the cafe recently added Taiwanese-style shaved ice ($5.50)—delicate milky ice flakes covered in more traditional Southeast Asian toppings, like red bean, taro, grass jelly and lychees.