In Beaverton, the land of 1,000 Korean restaurants, it's hard for any of them to truly stand out. But Nakwon tries its damndest. Folks swear by its tofu soups ($10-$12), but if you've got an empty pit in your stomach to fill, order the "bul-go-ki" platter ($13). Soon, your table will be filled with a steaming plate of succulent stir-fried marinated beef strips, rice and a host of other items to intermingle with the meat. Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of the platters, which also include the kalbi (barbecue ribs, $14) and the budae-chigae ($13), described as a "spicy military stew" with sausage, bacon, ramen, tofu and, the coup de grâce, Spam. Add some of the delectable pot stickers as an appetizer ($7), and you won't have to eat for the next week.