Isn't it a shame most of us indulge in Bavarian cuisine only during Oktoberfest? Imagine if we limited our consumption of other ethnic delights to specific holidays: burritos exclusively on Cinco de Mayo, whiskey blackouts limited to St. Patrick's Day. Sounds shitty, right? So there's no reason to put off a trip to Otto and Anita's in Multnomah Village. It has the look and feel of a European country cottage and a menu packed with gorgeable varieties of schnitzels and sausages. Try the zigeunerschnitzel ($12.95), two pieces of pork loin slathered in a red wine paprika sauce and surrounded with carrots, greens and spaetzles (basically German pasta). Or, for a bit more coin, order the Jägermeister steak ($23), an 8-ounce filet mignon flamed in the titular liqueur. (Note to frat boys: Don't bother trying to take a shot of the juice.)