Deep-fried philanthropy! Po'Shines diverts most of its profits into training and counseling for young adults, and everyone from the chef to your server is volunteering his or her time to the cause. Which would, as far as your palate is concerned, amount to a hill of red beans and rice if this altruistic enterprise wasn't also serving some of Portland's best soul food. The barbecue rib platter ($15.95), a four-napkin meal for two, is a peerless showcase, and the three crackling chicken wings and pound of juicy pork ribs are only the beginning. You get sweet hush puppies as well as two sides; be sure to request the greens ($3.50 on their own), which are jazzed up with smoked turkey to become an essential centerpiece for this fine platter. This is all good and well, but a doubt still lingers: What in God's name is that giant gumball machine doing in the dining room, and can someone politely ask it to leave?