Lisa Herlinger, creator of the Ruby Jewel ice-cream sandwich, offers way more flavors at this spumoni-toned shop than you'll find between the cookies at farmers markets and premium grocers across the city. Among them are vanilla, fresh mint flake, espresso, double chocolate, caramel with salted chocolate and honey lavender (already renowned in sandwich form). And there is rocky road (excellent, with housemade marshmallows), banana cream pie (with cookie chunks and swirls of marshmallow cream), strawberry, peanut butter dream and dairy-free raspberry ice and cherry-almond ice. A specials board offers even more flavors. Pints are available to go for $6, and the shop offers sundaes with housemade toppings. The best of these is the Rosemary Langer ($6), which pairs rosemary-salted pecans with dulce de leche syrup and vanilla ice cream. It's great—a savory sundae for adults. You can make your own ice-cream sandwich with Ruby Jewel's cookies for $4.