Sandwich Island would make a great cart, but (for better or for worse) it's currently tucked away in a bustling downtown food court. Lord knows its pulled-pork sandwiches would be just as loved by late-night revelers as they are by midday World Trade Center suits. Moist, smoky kalua pork—a traditional Hawaiian method of seriously slow roasting—packed in a bun, nary a sauce or topping required. Get the Little Piggy ($4.25) with a heaping—and free—side of potato salad, or supersize to the Hog Daddy, with "even more kalua pork" ($6.25). For something more entree than handheld, the Mokihana pulled-pork rice bowl keeps it as simple and savory as the sandwiches (pulled pork over steaming white rice, topped with coleslaw: $6.25).