Although its slogan, "You Eat Here Because We Let You," comes across as oddly aggressive (it sounds like a phrase that'd be emblazoned on a sign in a prison mess hall), Stepping Stone Cafe is the epitome of a neighborhood greasy spoon, with emphasis on the grease. It's the kind of place that has kept Americans fat and happy for decades, serving up aorta-abusing burgers ($6.50-$8.50), meatloaf ($10.50) and hash browns covered in melted cheese and bacon ($7.75). All of it makes for a fabulous tribute to Western gluttony, but nothing compares to the "man-cakes," the absurdly massive 13-inch pancakes that once challenged Adam Richman, Man vs. Food's human garbage disposal. If you can still form sentences after consuming the full stack ($8.50), make sure to pay homage to the restaurant's motto and thank your server for letting you eat your way toward an earlier grave at his establishment.