Tuk Tuk, named for the three-wheeled rickshaws of Thailand, serves up colossal portions of Thai-American dishes at recession-friendly prices. Start out with a Thai iced tea or coffee ($2) and "Rock and Rolls," refreshing lemongrass spring rolls with a hearty peanut sauce ($5). Then warm up with the tom kha hot-and-sour soup, served in a traditional doughnut-shaped firepot; the light vegetarian pad Thai with tofu; or the comforting gang massaman curry with chicken ($9.50 each). If you're feeling adventurous, try the pla dook pad ped—fried catfish and eggplant with roasted-chile sauce ($11.50). Bring your college buddies or your gramps; Tuk Tuk's bright walls, modern art and eclectic decor are warm and welcoming for all. Remember to make room in your fridge for leftovers.