Tucked behind (and partially within) Bread and Ink Cafe, Waffle Window is so much more than a griddlecake-dispensing fenestration. The Liège-style waffles themselves aren't huge, but are cakey and remarkably filling for their diminutive stature. And hey, it's what's on top that matters. Of course there's all the sweet stuff—fruit, whipped cream, and Nutella are in no short supply here. Case in point: the banana/caramel/granola Banana Rumba ($4). But the savory selections are far more intriguing. The Three B's waffle ($4.50) with Brie, bacon, and basil sounds amazing enough as it is, but Waffle Window's inspired addition is peach jam, risking overwhelming sweetness yet somehow playing perfectly nicely with the basil and the peppery bacon. The Farm Fusion ($4) is a healthier choice, piled high with veggies and a dollop of lemon/thyme-marinated chevre, lending a touch of sweetness. The best part? Waffles can be eaten inside or out, making a detour to the Window worthwhile any time of year.