Your out-of-town guests won't give you extra points for scenery if you take them to Yoko's, which is nestled among nondescript bungalows in the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood. But forget scenery. Yoko's is all about the sushi, which comes in traditional nigiri form as well as more imaginative modes. One of Yoko's most creative and delicious offerings is called Taka's Tuna ($7.50 for two pieces). The dish looks intimidating; it's basically a flattened, deep-fried rice ball with spicy tuna, sliced avocado and green onion piled high on top. But eat it in small bites like an overflowing taco and you won't regret it. Another creative option: The Walla Walla roll, which includes—what else?—onion ($7). It's best to prepare for the possibility of a long wait, and an even longer one if you're in a group of more than four. Just sign your name to the waiting list. Then hit C Bar next door for a beer or cocktail. One final bit of advice: Save room for tempura ice cream, which is wrapped in pound cake before it's deep fried.