While Beer and Movie presents Metalhaus and its 9-foot-tall Killbot at the Wonder Ballroom on Saturday night, it's fitting that Tim Colley's montage-cum-installation New Wave Hookers plays in the gallery under the stage: It's a missive from deep inside the id. Colley's clip reel, assembled mostly from VHS tapes, is more than three hours of call girls, stripteases and burlesque dancing—every form of Hollywood and international film displaying flesh (female and male) as a purchasable commodity, a huge part of what the movies do made explicit. Colley's choices are wide ranging and personal (Metropolis meets Sweet Movie meets '80s cheapie The Party Animal), and after even a few minutes, it's hard to avoid the feeling that cinema is a midway funhouse of unhealthy desires. This is where curation becomes its own art form, and there's not a heart of gold in sight. Wonder Ballroom. 8 pm Saturday, March 19.

  • Best paired with: Whiskey, neat.
  • Also showing: Gremlins (Laurelhurst).