There's something a little vulgar about preferring the overkill of Aliens to the classic purity of Alien, but I've always felt a helpless attraction to movies that traffic in the trope of characters begging "Please, kill me." The urgently diseased possibility of a fate worse than death is something so upsetting that it needs to be brought out and played with in the open. Aliens fondles it at ungodly length, and then rewards the strong of stomach with the sight of Sigourney Weaver provoking a cage match with a killer queen. It's the most openly strange this very odd franchise gets, and—in a sick way—the most fun. Bagdad. 11 pm Friday, April 1. Presented by Cort and Fatboy.

  • Best paired with: McMenamins Hammerhead.
  • Also showing: True Romance (Laurelhurst).