If the first thing you hear when entering a bar is "I swear the jukebox is free," there are two possible scenarios: You've found a gold mine, or someone is already stupid drunk. And while the jukebox at Bare Bones Bar (2900 SE Belmont St., 206-6535) does cost a few quarters, I was lucky enough on a recent visit to discover that the bar staff and a friendly patron had loaded it up with enough cash for me to pick songs by Pavement and Madonna without sacrificing any sacred beer money. The rest of the space, which opened in February and shares a name with the cafe next door, is just as laid back, with plenty of cheap drinks ($2.50 Miller High Life tallboys) and a killer bowl of Frito pie ($6) featuring housemade vegan espresso chili and lime sour cream. Remember to tip your bartender, and you just might get a few free plays.