Ain’t it funny that two of the stronger films out of the 2010 gate are westerns? Sure, Rango and Meek’s Cutoff couldn’t be more distinct in tempo—Gore Verbinski’s cartoon is frantic where Kelly Reichardt’s Oregon Trail convoy is still. Plus, Rango stars a screaming chameleon. But spot how both movies begin submerged in cool water, and then turn into a dire search for hydration. While the pioneers on Meek’s wagon train debate where to find an alkali-free lake, the hideous citizenry of Rango’s town, Dust, gather for occult ceremonies at the base of a sacred faucet. Together, these pictures make a fellow plumb thirsty. Academy, Bagdad, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Valley.
  • Best paired with: Full Sail Amber Ale.
  • Also showing: Octopussy (Laurelhurst).