Formed: In Portland in the deep winter of 2006.

Sounds like: It sounds a lot like what David Lynch directing O Brother, Where Art Thou? would look like.

For fans of: Gospel, Twin Peaks, Kate Bush, 4AD Records, Gogol Bordello, Rasputina, the Shangri-Las and banned Disney cartoons.

Why you care: Kookier than astrologers and hotter than the sun, the duo of Kaetlin Kennedy and Fiona Petra plays outsider gospel that would make David Lynch's heart go wild. Together, they are a minimalist girl group without peer. On banjo, organ, violin and a single drum, the pair—successor to both Petra's Viola Viedma and Kennedy's former troupe House of Cunt—weaves glittering nightmare music with angelic vocal harmonies. Lost Lockets' stage show features a menagerie of spooky animal statues and plastic flowers and, oh yes, there are the outfits—usually a combination of frilly and sheer, and sometimes wrapped in Christmas lights. The three tracks on the 7-inch single out at tonight's show are country in instrumentation, gospel in vocalization and sweetly bizarre in execution. If your sensibilities include Jandek, the Sun City Girls and Rollerball, then you need a little Lost Lockets in your life.

SEE IT: Lost Lockets plays Rotture, with $kull$, PeoplePerson and DJ Ox, on Tuesday, May 17. 9 pm. $5 . 21+