"Is it just me, or do the vocals for your No. 1 band make anyone else want to rip their ears off?" —Horrible

"Cue the 'bullshit hipster band list' comments…." —Larry

"WAH! Why wasn't my stinky bongo jam band/middle-aged white guy blues/soulful Teva acoustic folk/gated community gangsta rap act mentioned??!!? WAH!" —Jim-Bob

"Ya know how in the late '70s there was a massive backlash to disco music? Well I think it's about time to start the backlash against the hipster scene. 2011-It's coming, who's with me?"


"Hipster backlash and music in general is so 2007. Creative movement is the new music." —Jeff

"…Stoked that these bands win this recognition—not because I like them, but because it must be exciting. At the end of the day, though, shit doesn't matter. There are bands that will never make this list that may go on to do way better things than any of these bands. Vice versa as well, I recognize, but looking at the ballot points you can't help but wonder a few things…booking agencies listing the bands that they represent? Maybe not entirely, but connections and image reign supreme. Which is great because when bands that have no connections, no friends, only passion, actually do break through, it will be because they've been doing something substantial that is worth listening to. Just listened to all of these bands, and for the most part they are all emulating something that has been done before. It is easy to like what carries a similarity. The test of time will always outweigh scene cred, which, unfortunately, if you put research into this study, you'll realize that this is what a good amount of this process is based on. Until then, keep chooglin. Just my opinion, feel free to argue.…" —Steven

"I love how the 'Music Industry' is like the food industry. Happy customers just come back. Only the ones who have a problem with something post on the website." —Debbie Downer

"White people in Portland, particularly at Willamette Week, should never try to write about black culture. It's so cringe-worthy. You guys probably still say 'talk to the hand.'" —smh

"A refrain I hear in this town over and over again, from both townies and outta-townies, is P-town contains more wimps per capita than any other city.… What a bunch of garbage. The wimps oughta be happy, though." —J

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