There are those who say Portland lacks diversity, that it is little more than a playground for overeducated, underemployed white people, and that the city will never, for all the mayor's talk of internationalism and manufactured weirdness, outgrow its white-bread personality.

Those people really need to spend more time shopping, because if it is at all fair to judge a city's diversity by its grocery stores (and it is!), Portland is far more cosmopolitan than a walk down Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard might lead you to believe. In the course of writing this guide, we sampled goods from every continent, amid shoppers speaking dozens of languages, and unfailingly discovered foods we'd never encountered before. The cultural riches of this city are boundless.

Of course, there's more to cooking than imported ingredients. Like wine: We have greatly expanded our survey of excellent wine and beer shops for this year's edition. A fine meal also requires solid tools, so we added a kitchenware section.

Of course, the work is not done—there is so much more to taste. I hope this guide will inspire you to hunt for even more treasures from our farmers, butchers, cheesemakers, importers, vintners and chocolatiers—and that you will tell me about your discoveries at, so I can write about them in next year's Devour.

—Ben Waterhouse


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