It's been a big year for spaghetti Westerns—or at least, tributes to them. Gore Verbinski paid homage in his bizarre kiddie flick Rango, Community spoofed them in its season finale, and Danger Mouse put out an album inspired by the music of the composer who scored many of them, Ennio Morricone. Nothing beats the real thing, though. For a Few Dollars More, from 1965, is the second part in genre master Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy, starring Clint Eastwood as a bounty hunter who roams the American Southwest, kicking ass and taking names and never revealing his own. Laurelhurst.

  • Best paired with: Widmer Hefeweizen.
  • Also showing: High Fidelity (Academy), Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (Bagdad, 11 pm Friday, June 3).