One of the best-recorded, catchiest and most emotionally subtle songs of its era also happens to have been among Parton's biggest hits.

"The Seeker"

Dolly’s “Come to Jesus” song, tightly wrapped in back-porch funk. 

"I Will Always Love You"

Unlike the majestic Whitney Houston version, Dolly's lower-key 1974 rendering is appropriate for more than just weddings and funerals.

"Here You Come Again"

A crassly produced disco-era mega hit that's also terribly catchy and lyrically ambiguous: Does Parton's "here I go" mean she's finally leaving her manipulative ex, or is she falling for him all over again?

"Islands in the Stream"

Perhaps the greatest karaoke-bar duet fodder of all time. It's really the quivering little vocal tics ("ah-hah-uh-ah!") that twist the knife here.

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