Drinking on the patio at Brix Tavern (1338 NW Hoyt St., 943-5995, brixtavern.com) might just be the closest I ever come to patronizing an ultra lounge. Inside its walls, the oversized club and restaurant features a VIP area, game room (complete with a Captain Morgan foosball table) and a fancy-pants restaurant dining area that all seem crafted for folks in a slightly higher tax bracket than mine. The beer is predictably spendy, though we cheapskates can try our luck at a $3 "Brown Bag" can of mystery beer (an economic indicator if ever there was one). During happy hour, though, Brix is for the common people: The near-perfect Backyard Margarita—fresh Oregon berries and tequila shaken up and served in a Mason jar—drops down to a shocking $4, and a cheap, excellent happy-hour menu (the turkey sliders taste like Thanksgiving!) opens its loving arms. All of which is ultra-good news.