In a recent article for The Atlantic, writer Alan Siegel told America it needs to "get over" Ferris Bueller's Day Off. His argument is the film, which turns a quarter-century old this year, is a work of banal classism, and its titular "righteous dude" is actually a spoiled jerk. First of all, as someone who's long questioned the alleged profundity of John Hughes, I've always enjoyed Ferris precisely because of the late director's decision to embrace banality. And as for the stuff about Bueller himself: Yeah, and? He isn't supposed to be someone we relate to (that's what Cameron is there for). We just admire his audacity. He is basically Bill Clinton, the slick-talking politician we all secretly wish we could be. America loves jerks, and that's why we love Ferris. Bagdad. 8:30 pm Thursday, June 16.

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  • Also showing: The Sandlot (Kennedy School. 6 pm Tuesday, June 21).