If you're part of that generation of moviegoers who believe Jeff Bridges was born a grizzled coot, hightail it to Thunderbolt and Lightfoot to see the earliest incarnation of Jeff: a happy-go-lucky pretty boy. Bridges' easy beauty, first in pastel blue socks and later in drag, is hardly the movie's sole attraction—the film's offhand absurdism includes a highway chase that ends with the unlocking of a car trunk filled with white bunny rabbits. Both co-star and director, Clint Eastwood and Michael Cimino, went on to become extravagantly stentorian, but for this movie, they don't need to be taken seriously—everyone is content being gorgeous. R. Laurelhurst.

  • Best paired with: Ninkasi Radiant Ale.
  • Also showing: Top Gun (Academy), Meek’s Cutoff (Academy, Laurelhurst).