wweek.com Readers Comment On “Bad Teacher,” Ww, June 29, 2011

"It is high time that the OEA and traditional schools take a look at their system that doesn't meet the needs [of] students today. They need to make changes in order to increase student success. 

Virtual charter schools offer a far better education for students than the traditional schools can. This form of education isn't going to go away—it will continue to grow just like it has in higher education. Not all students are suited for traditional schools, just as not all students can thrive in a virtual school. The issue here is choice—parents need to be able to make the best choice for their kids. That is what I have done and my daughter will graduate a year early from high school—not something she could have done in a traditional school. She isn't classified as "gifted" nor is she a student that is underperforming so she didn't need additional support from the school. Sadly, she was being left behind like so many students in her 'educational bracket' because she is smart, but not 'smart enough' for gifted programs. The OEA needs to stop trying to maintain the 'status quo' and step into the 21st century." —Welcometo...

"I was sitting in the House gallery with my husband and our children the day that the House locked its votes about the education package. We felt it would be a good experience for our children to be an active part of the process that concerns their education…[and] that it would be good for the representatives to see some of the children that their decisions would be affecting.

We watched and listened as representatives who do not [know] our family or our circumstances make statements and influence their colleagues to do something that would take away everything that my children need and are currently receiving.

…They have not taken the time to truly see those children throughout the state whose lives are changing for the better because virtual online and charter schools, and other education options are available.…

…I was a teacher for many years. I personally know many of the teachers in our local district. It is heartbreaking for teachers to be wrangled into statistics of supporting the OEA and the greed and power and political games that are played at the state level. Teachers are hardworking, solid, strong, wonderful people who strive every day to make a positive difference in children's lives. They do this in spite of the fact they are asked to do more with less, and that they are asked to be a teacher, parent, counselor, special-needs adviser, musician, coach, and whatever else seems to be thrown at them. They do their best in spite of the fact that many schools are increasingly becoming unsafe places to be. The OEA is so focused on what they want, and the power that they wield, that they have completely forgotten about the teachers in the trenches and the children they serve. They have lost sight of what is truly important—our children.... 


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