"[Last Thursday's] lack of regulation is the bulk of its charm. Don't f*** up a perfectly good festival with a bunch of bureaucratic B.S. and DON'T start charging booth fees. That will entirely WRECK Last Thursday and everything that's good about it.

How are you gonna have a space for Portland's broke-ass artists trying to make rent if they have to pay a booth fee and register way in advance and all that crap? Everyone who supports Last Thursday 'growing up' is missing the point of the event.…

The problem is not that Last Thursday doesn't have enough oversight, it's that other neighborhoods have too much! This town needs more opportunities to come together in a haphazard way, not a bunch of control freaks in charge of things." —Uriah Zebadiah

"Where to start?

'Bureaucratic B.S.': You mean the law?

'Busybodies': You mean the area residents who are sick of an untrammeled drinkfest, tired of having their yards used as toilets and bedrooms?

'Broke-assed artists': Why should any citizen be forced to subsidize any private enterprise? My father was a 'broke-assed artist.' He was also a 'broke-assed auto mechanic' to put food on the table when art sales were slow.

'Control freaks': You mean the public servants we pay (rather handsome) wages to, that ensure some mean level of livablity in our neighborhoods?

Uriah, perhaps you want to live your life as a free spirit, but not everyone wants an unregulated ‘Burning Man’ in their neighborhood every month. And certainly, not at taxpayer expense.” —Zippy 

"Yes, I mean the area residents who bought a house in the neighborhood because they wanted a piece of the neighborhood culture and are now bitching. These whiners knew about Last Thursday when they chose to move here…. Regardless of whether everyone wants an unregulated temporary autonomous zone in the neighborhood, the fact remains that we DO need one at least somewhere in the city. Don't want to spend money on it? DON'T. The people are fully capable of blocking off the street themselves…. —Uriah Zebadiah

"It seems to me that the reason this is subsidized by the mayor is that the event draws an important voting group that supports the mayor and it costs him nothing to buy it off using taxpayers' money." —GregQ

“Soooo glad I moved away from there. Though I sure do miss the earnest 20-year-olds who just moved here last year lecturing us residents about how ‘Last Thursday is what Portland is all about.’ Thanks for the heads up.  And welcome to town.” —Schemes

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