"A scowling, vengeful, dishonest, narcissistic asshole in bad glasses who can't pay his mortgage and runs around bullying people? Is this story about Sam Adams?" —Ironicaler

"No amount of money can buy an ounce of class." —Josh Miller

"So, black gang voilence [sic] is on track to set a record in Portland, but that fact warrants only one page in the new issue. The top story, however, the thing that Portlanders most need to be informed of, is that WW has found one white guy who is kind of an a-hole? You guys give liberal guilt a bad name...." —BG in SE

"Racist pig much? Is it 'black' gang vilonence [sic] that so concerns you? Would you like some stories about how we might help prevent this violence, or are you more interested in publicizing it more to justify your fancy alarm system and your horde of Glocks? 

One rich puke has much more influence and is more newsworthy than groups of youths fighting over the scraps left to them by this uber-capitalist 'society.' There is always conflict at the bottom. It's only news when they direct their rage in the right direction." —Brad

"BG, I think we have found just the right guy to be your next neighbor. We never had a single problem with black residents in our neighborhood. But we sure had a bunch of serious problems with this guy.

I'm sure you're OK with him as your new neighbor, since he's white. —One More

"You are right. I guess it is a lot safer to report about a strange white guy.  So he made mistakes, he is out there, building fences, fighting criminals. He shouldn't have cut the trees, maybe but at least he is not leaving hypodermic needles everywhere for kids to step on.  He is not threatening everyone he passes on the street like the criminals. Maybe he will hone his energy and do something good like save you someday.  He is not writing weak, baseless negative opinion pieces about the governor. He doesn't have stretched earlobes. Judge not lest ye be judged, toots." —The One

"Can't we just stop all the voilence? And maybe while we're at it, can we stop the vilonence too?" —JVK

"Congratulations. You've successfully depicted a person with a personality disorder, not once acknowledging his obvious mental illness. This guy is textbook, his wealth and privilege notwithstanding. Do a bit more research next time if you actually want to create worthwhile journalism." —Kristine

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