In the foyer of the gorgeously restored 1906 Portland foursquare home that is now Beech Street Parlor (412 NE Beech St.), about where you'd expect a coat rack, is a polished hardwood podium for two turntables. That touch—equal parts refined and bumpin'—establishes the intent of this second bar from the owners of Tiga. It's your archetypal Northeast Portland house party, but for people who have turned 30 and want to trade out underage drinkers and cop calls for $4.50 pints of Double Mountain Vaporizer. The two-tiered front porch is too cramped to avoid hearing every detail of your neighbor's conversation (like a house party!), but the interior shows promise as a kind of Wilco album of PDX boozing: the bar as cozy dad rock. There's also an excellent view of Planned Parenthood across the street, as extra motivation to drink responsibly.