What better beer company to open a brewery near PSU's campus than Rogue, creator of the ingenious PSU IPA? Located beneath the student-packed halls of the Vue apartments and right next to the South Park Blocks—playground of the Hacky Sackers and out-of-tune guitar players—the Rogue Hall (1717 SW Park Ave., 219-8000, rogue.com) doubles as both a family-friendly tavern and a place for college folk to spend their student loans on something other than cheap beer and pizza: good-tasting beer and pizza! Fresh local ingredients and reasonably low prices ($5 a pint, $3 a slice, $10-$15 for more elaborate entrees) sweeten the pot, even if the decor is pretty standard sports-memorabilia fare. Free shots of Rogue's signature Dead Guy Ale on Jerry Garcia's birthday and free first pints on "tiki Tuesdays" for those wearing Hawaiian shirts make it even more fun...or obnoxious, depending on your spirit level.