I'm not cool enough to know what the current zeitgeist is, but I'm guessing Sweet Hereafter (3326 SE Belmont St.) has well and truly captured it. On a warm Friday evening, it was absolutely packed, while neighboring bars half the size struggled to fill seats. The Southeast sister to Alberta's Bye and Bye, Sweet Hereafter sports a similar boozy cocktail and vegan bar-snack menu, but a slightly swankier setup—dark wood, dim Edison bulbs and all the usual vintage props. The crowd, likewise, is a little less grungy, but still young, attractive and displaying more ink than a Staples store. The large patio out the back is where you want to be this time of year. Soak up some vitamin D while slurping the bar's namesake cocktail, the Hereafter ($8). It tastes like watery bourbon, but comes served in a 1-quart Mason jar certain to get you absolutely shitfaced.