Your coverage of Colin Meloy's story with crows on the cover is a good example of the hip nepotistic slant of your paper. Lots of writers in Portland would love to get this kind of exposure. I guess if you are not from here (Montana) and write R.E.M./SEA SHANTIES and you are on a big label and play at the Edgefield, you must also be profound—at least in Portland and your CEO-owned paper. If you like this little story, I suggest you read Benji or watch the French movie The Balloon. Keep up the tragically hip work, people; oh yeah, people in Brooklyn are proud to be from New York and really don't think about Portland and the WW at all.
—"Diane Austin"

Voodoo Co-Owner Opens Putt-Putt Palace
Gimmicks like incredibly stale doughnuts with silly names may not win any blind-taste-test awards, but marketing managers know they buy tons of exposure on the Travel Channel and Food Network. Can we expect something different this time around? Or should we expect to see menu items like Hootie and the Blow Fish Sticks with a side of Fleetwood Mac 'n' Cheese? Perhaps a potato pancake pizza featuring a parsnip- and parsley-infused pumpkin pie crust, sprinkled with parboiled peas, poached pimentos, Peter Piper pickled peppers, pistachio pudding, topped with peaches (in heavy syrup), shredded papaya, pulled pork and pineapple. Polish it off with a pinot or pilsner served by a pretentious Portlander.

Mug Shot Profiteers
WHO CARES?! Don't get arrested! It's SO easy! I've gone my entire life without being arrested, so I guess I don't have to worry about being "extorted." BTW—I don't think $40 is all that bad. It's not like they're asking for hundreds or thousands of dollars. THAT would be extortion. Consider this an additional penalty for being a lowlife who can't stay out of trouble.


A caption for our story about homeless people living in their vehicles ("Homeless on Wheels," Aug. 17, 2011) should have identified the sons of Edie Richards as Chris and Greg. Our story "One Patient's Painful Lesson" (Aug. 17, 2011) misstated the reason an Oregon Health & Science University spokeswoman declined to comment on a malpractice suit against a plastic surgeon. The spokeswoman, Elisa Williams, said OHSU declined to comment because the university was not a party to the case. 

WW regrets the errors.

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