I often wonder whether The Goonies is held in as high esteem elsewhere as it is in the Northwest. For most Oregon natives now on the cusp of their 30s, the 1985 film was a rite of passage—not only did the Astoria-based adventure flick's scenery seem familiar, but we treated Goonies as a pre-Internet personality test. I always saw myself as a Mikey/Chunk hybrid, a true-believer underdog type who inevitably gets the girl in the end, but also a great dancer with a fondness for ice cream and a giant mutant for a best friend. I'd suggest catching the film as it was meant to be seen: with a half-melted Baby Ruth bar in your pocket and a Cyndi Lauper song in your heart. Laurelhurst.

  • Best paired with: Mount Hood Oatmeal Stout.
  • Also showing: The Devil’s Double (Mission).