What Year is this, Again?

OMG tell me this is a joke: A 2011 cover story ["Mack to the Future," WW, Sept. 7. 2011] about an emotional, white (shamelessly put to the forefront by the author) rapper complete with a he-had-black-friends photo (reinforced by the author!) & insightful critique from a 16-year old who whole-heartedly supports rhymes that deal with real things! 


Questioning The 'Facts' Of 9/11

Comparing 9/11 footage, even indirectly, to a porno ["Never Remember," WW, Sept. 7, 2011]? I think the author is the one who is out of touch as more and more Americans from all backgrounds question the story behind 9/11 we were spoon-fed.

Hating on the style is one thing, but where is the actual journalism into the facts? Anyone who looks through facts must come to the same conclusion—that at the very least, the Commission Report and National Institute of Standards and Technology did not investigate thoroughly enough and there are more questions than answers when looked through a more objective lens. If a grass-roots film with low production value and rap music can get us thinking more and demanding a better investigation, then what's the problem with that? Funny how we rely on these grass-roots movements for valid information.

Remember—you cannot deny that the majority of those involved in the so-called investigations agree they are incomplete, faulty, and politically driven. As a New Yorker and an American I think we all deserve a much better report than what we have—and if you really support the troops who fight because of what happened that day and the families devastated by the attack, then you can't really disagree, can you?

And the characterization of CGI in the photo.... Too bad the author doesn't mention the footage's purpose is not to make the viewer believe this is REAL FOOTAGE—which the films do not venture to say. Yes, a decision is left to the viewer, but it is clear that a dramatization is being done in the film after a conclusion that the events could not (likely) have happened the way they were described, and instead an alternative makes much more sense—which the entire segment built up to using facts and testimonial in which the viewer is left as the jury. Thanks for more biased, deadline crunched opinion pieces...


City Salaries: The Sticker Shock

When you have cops on the beat and firemen making six-figure salaries ["Who Are The Highest-Paid City of Portland Employees?" wweek.com, Sept. 8, 2011], it's quite clear there is a problem with fiscal responsibility. And there are close to 600 city employees making over $100K? Did you say 600??? And a lot of them get to retire making more money than what they are making now?? I can't fathom how these salaries are justified. I know...let's grease some employee-benefit consulting firm into convincing our city officials that these pay levels are justified. And let's not forget the county, state, and federal positions, too. And people wonder why we have a problem?


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