On Sept. 24, 1991, the rock world changed forever. That’s the day Red Hot Chili Peppers released

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

. And, less notably, some Seattle hair band called Nirvana made its major-label debut. Here are five other CDs/cassettes that dropped on that fateful day. 

John Prine, The Missing Years

A fine effort from the treasured songwriter. "Jesus: The Missing Years" is a fan-favorite; "Everything Is Cool" is among Prine's prettiest tunes.

A Tribe Called Quest, The Low End Theory

I daresay Tribe's second record—jam-packed with classics like "Buggin' Out" and "What?"—was the best album released this day.

Blur, Leisure

The first effort from Blur didn't make a huge splash in the U.S., but it did feature standout single "She's So High" and other shoegazey gems.

The Cult, Ceremony

This disc sounded a bit outdated even in '91, and it is not considered the Cult's best work. Still, Ian Astbury goes nuts—David Lee Roth-style—on "Heart and Soul."

Kid ’n Play, Face the Nation

The famed hip-hop duo tried best to remain positive on the eve of

House Party 2

, promoting marriage, anti-violence and black unity with easy-to-understand raps. Alas, the tide was changing:

Face the Nation

would be Kid 'n Play's last album together.