Kyle Morton (Typhoon):
“What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?”

"I listened to my parents' copy of


when I was a little kid and concluded that this song is what 'rock and roll' sounds like."

Ben Darwish (Commotion, Ben Darwish Trio): "The One I Love" "Somehow they managed to make a great song out of about four lines of lyrics and a one-word chorus."

Chris Lael Larson (Deelay Ceelay): "Pop Song 89" "Watching my older brother's VHS copy of Tourfilm was a huge influence on my learning guitar and first starting bands."

Rachel Blumberg (Norfolk & Western): "Pretty Persuasion" "Something about the melody has always stuck in my head. I love how yearning it is."

Scott McCaughey (Minus Five, Young Fresh Fellows, R.E.M.): "My favorite R.E.M. song today is 'All the Best.' Seems fitting, you know?

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