A pile of traffic tickets.

Years of failing to vote.

Executive of an organization [the Bus Project] known for shoddy financial record-keeping.

This guy does not appear to be a responsible citizen ["Playing The Wired Card," WW, Sept. 21, 2011]. He appears to be another giddy "idea-man," and there are already droves of this type working at City Hall. Please, not another one.


Why do so many Smith supporters come across sounding like Moonies? Personally, I am not a supporter of any of the candidates yet. [I] just objected to Smith's comments because they were so absent of actual information.


As I've said before, I'm excited to have a candidate in the race who jumped in talking about issues and not just fundraising. We've got a good field out there, but Jefferson Smith stands out as the candidate of ideas. During a time when some politicians won't even list their positions on their website, well, Rep. Smith's campaign is refreshing.

—"Rev. Chuck Currie"

I'm getting to the age (wow, I think it's the first time I'm saying this) where I sense that elections are somewhat a waste of time. What's more important to me are the issues and their getting dealt with. Trees getting planted. International raceways getting closed before we use up the last drops of oil we have, and saving neighborhoods from incessant noise.

So, if elections are going to remain relevant to me, they're going to also have to be tools to raise and move issues forward.

He/she who does something right now to get phone books off my doorstep permanently wins the day. Catalog Choice, anyone? They're doing it in Seattle. San Francisco has banned the waste completely.

Who's going to champion and make happen neighborhood orchards?

All that said, Jefferson is incredible. And I'm excited to learn more about [Eileen] Brady. We have a wealth of talented people in this city/state. That's a good thing. [I'd] rather not bash them during this season but encourage them and use the process to move issues and work forward.

—"Albert Kaufman"

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