Isn't it about time that [Attorney General John] Kroger's campaign promises are regarded as so much hot air as Obama's? ["The Would-Be Toxic Avenger," WW, Nov. 2, 2011]. He's been a complete failure when it comes to prosecuting people like [Mayor] Sam Adams and the governor's girlfriend.

—"Bad Boy Brown"

Why aren't there any interviews with tree-huggers about companies that Kroger should have targeted instead of the small fry (and DEQ) he went after?

—"John Williams"


Since the FBI is at this time rolling out a national facial recognition initiative, you can bet they will dive right into this database ["To Spite Your Face," WW, Nov. 2, 2011]. Go to Sweden and get your face fixed while you can.



Another faux patriot who likes to wrap himself in the flag while handing out bribes to a too-corrupted military defense organization ["War Bribes," WW, Nov. 2, 2011].

—"John Kilvik"


I don't think I miss the vicarious experience of NBA basketball. I watched it on TV, and then went to a game, and was blown away by how slow a game is in real time [compared] to seeing it on the tube. ["Blaze a New Trail," WW, Nov. 2, 2011]. Not worth the ticket and hassle. You can't change the channel when the game gets boring at the Rose Garden. At home, you can, or read or play with the dog.


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