Our favorite Pacific Northwest "music media" site Into the Woods:

Feels LIke Home #40, Guidance Counselor

The sadly defunct dance-punk group's Ian Anderson belts the Bushwick-hipster-skewering "Brooklyn" from his glitter-filled bathtub.

Into the Woods # 1, Wampire
The original ITW video splices a Wampire show in a Government Camp cabin with footage of the band and company making brisk business of tallboys and taking a sauna in their skivvies.

Far From Home #5, Big Freedia
ITW captures Big Freedia's unofficial MFNW 2010 show, a secret performance at Sassy's that features the inimitable sissy bouncer directing the strip club's talent. Azz everywhere! 

Music Videos, Nurses Chatroulette
Nurses plays “So Sweet” on the video-chatting website Chatroulette to entertainingly varied reactions—from pure joy to heckling to (surprise!) a dude taking his dick out. 

Feels Like Home #41, Michael Griffith
Archers synth player Michael Griffith performs a solo guitar number on the front lines of the Occupy Portland encampment clearing. Protestor chants and police warnings serve as Griffith's back-up vocals, but his acoustic performance still sounds terribly fragile.

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