The 2012 thing was pretty much over before it started. The End seemingly came and went way back in aught-nine (such simpler times!), when Hollywood mocked doom prophecies based on the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar in the harshest way possible—with a John Cusack flick.

It's not actually 2012 yet. So Portland State University brings "Guatemalan teacher and healer" OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez to give a talk called "Mayan Spiritual Teachings for the Dawning of the New Era." We asked OmeAkaEhekatl (who also answers to the name Gaada, meaning "supernatural light") what to expect.

WW: So what's going to happen in 2012?
OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez: In the ancient calculations of the Maya, it is called 13 Baktun, a planetary and galactic alignment. It is a cosmological alignment that is giving us an opportunity for a great spiritual evolution and a planetary shift.

So should we be afraid about that?
You should be afraid or worried if you have become dependent on the modern way of life and have disconnected from being in harmony with nature. We are witnessing that the world is not prepared for the planetary shift, but there are spiritual and elemental instructions from the Original Peoples that have kept the relationship alive with nature. Now we call them prophecies.

Is it possible that tlachtli will replace the NBA as a result? If so, can you put in a word with other elders to get Portland a replacement for the Blazers?
PLEASE! Get out of your limited illusions. You're asking how to shift from this destructive world and the consequences that will become of it. I would suggest you focus better on what your priorities are. 

SEE IT: OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez will speak at PSU's Native American Student and Community Center, 710 SW Jackson St., 709-8875. 7 pm Friday, Dec. 2. $10-$20 donation requested.

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