[Eileen] Brady is a poor [mayoral] candidate ["Political Animals," WW, Nov. 23, 2011]. Not only does she flop, but she presents herself as entitled, special and holier-than-thou. Why? Because she is BIG BUSINESS. She will further her interests [by] creating jobs for [those] she sees as important—HER SOCIAL GROUPS. The grassroots approach is a joke. Fake as it gets.

Little can be said for [Charlie] Hales.

Jefferson [Smith] is the best choice. He has consistently shown that he is a healthy voice of criticism that Portland needs. I hope he is the candidate WW decides to endorse.


I don't see Eileen Brady's comments as being inconsistent. "We need to move forward" and "this project will not go forward in its current form" are both true and accurate. We've dumped way too much money into the [Columbia River Crossing] project, and something absolutely has to get built, sooner than later.

—"Jonathan Radmacher"

What has happened to honesty? The potential candidates need to walk a straight line and hold true to their beliefs—NOT address them according to the wants or needs of groups they are speaking to. I am so ashamed of our country, cities and politicians!


It's really sad [Mayor Sam] Adams isn't going to run. He's gotten so much done and knows this city better than anyone. I wish there were a candidate I could get excited about, but at least so far, they all suck.

—"Jared Thomas"


The threat of "physicians will walk" is simply that, a threat ["Not What the Doctors Ordered," WW, Nov. 23, 2011]. Frankly, they need the business, especially the high-paid specialists. What is really important is making sure the quality of care is consistent, and human relationships are strengthened. Patients need to trust that their doctors are listening to them and answering their questions. We want to know what tests cost and if we can afford them. If not, we want to know about alternative treatments and generic drugs. Get involved in the care of your health; ask questions.


The hard truth is we have come to the end of the line for the great society. Unable to afford cradle-to-grave entitlements, the U.S. is careening toward insolvency. Oregon, like every other state, is crumbling economically under the weight of poorly designed entitlement programs. [Healthcare] providers will have no choice but to work for less, and the state will have no choice but to make participation in the Oregon Health Plan and Medicare a condition of licensure.

—"hard truth"

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