For those of us generally stuck commuting between Portland's inner East and West sides, a trip through the woods of Southwest Portland to the Sylvan Steakhouse and Saloon (5515 SW Canyon Court, 297-5568, feels like an international vacation. Sylvan looks like an oversized German cottage from the outside, and depending on which of its three main rooms you're in, the place can feel like a cozy Irish pub, a family-style Mexican joint or a Denny's. Really, though, it's all-American. There's a surprisingly good live music schedule (including the long-running Ron Steen Jam on Mondays), and the menu errs on the hearty side with the titular steaks, plus nachos and excellent sweet potato tots ($5.95 with chipotle ketchup). Special libations like the candy-sweet raspberry lemondrop ($7) are nice enough, but those anytime $2.50 micro pints are hard to beat. Just bring a designated driver, because it's probably a long way home.