He should win a key to the city just for listening to the whiny karaoke renditions of "Creep" by aging hipsters ["Voodoo Child," WW, Dec. 21, 2011]. Over and over and over and over. And applauding them afterward.

We could do worse than having a few Tres Shannons around. Time was—when Portland was actually weird—the city had many such people and adventures going on. Now it's some puke-fest of hipster tweeness and iPod Lite and "condo boxes." Bring back the gritty to our city.

—"Get Off, Get Back"

What the hell is going on with Willamette Week lately? Do you guys have nothing better to write about? This guy is a nuisance who happens to own a landmark business. Big fucking deal. If it wasn't for the idiocy of the masses, as in tourists who don't know better, he'd still be living with his mommy.


Nice write-up. I have been on the same ride, and every time it's a fucking trip. Tres, people love him or they deal with him. I love the dude and what he has and does for Portland. Keep Portland interesting!

—"Anthony Sanchez"

This guy is an attention whore...and his doughnuts suck.

—"Chuck Buscuit"

The world needs more clowns and optimists. God bless Tres for keeping the fire burning.

—"Fever Dog"


Great article, thanks [“A Glowing Opportunity,” WW, Dec. 21, 2011]. Hopefully, someday soon [uranium] will be so invaluable that no one would think to mine it. 

Till then, guess we have to do what we can to fight back and protect our environment from further destruction. And our air from further pollution. 

—"Albert Kaufman"


Commissioner [Deborah] Kafoury is right about this (as she usually is) ["Burying a Tax Idea," WW, Dec. 21, 2011]. This is a brazen attempt by Realtors to pad their own bank accounts.

The fact that they've already raised nearly $800,000 to push this ballot measure proves they don't need the money. When will business interests stop trying to use public policy to satisfy their greed?


I think this [proposed measure] is a great idea to protect taxpayers from people like Kafoury, who would love to find new ways to raise our taxes.

— "Stuart"

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