For those of you who don't have BBC America, Doctor Who is a long-running TV show about a time-traveling alien. So if you fancy some sci-fi geekery and a chance to get off with some authentic fish and chips, pay a visit to the TARDIS Room bar at The Fish & Chip Shop (1218 N Killingsworth St., Owner Mick Shillingford recently cleaned out the back of the restaurant and drenched the walls with black paint. The space now includes a revamped bar and billiards room. On the walls is various Doctor Who paraphernalia—a poster of K-9, a cutout of actor David Tennant—that will come in handy when the Whovians arrive to play trivia. If you're looking for a TARDIS—the '60s British police box that concealed Doctor Who's time machine—that's here, too. But it won't take you to the future, just to the loo.