Has not a single one of our federal officials traveled to The Netherlands and observed that the coffeeshops are no big deal? ["Weed All About It," WW, Jan. 25, 2012.] The federal marijuana prohibition is bad law that makes kids less safe.

States that have passed medical marijuana laws have seen a 9 percent drop in alcohol-related traffic fatalities. We can save a lot of lives by giving people the right to substitute marijuana for alcohol.

Marijuana has repeatedly been proven to not cause cancer, heart disease, brain damage, liver disease, emphysema, or any other significant health issue, and its addiction potential is about on par with coffee. We mustn't wait until a loved one has been harmed by alcohol before demanding that our legislators legalize adult marijuana sales.

—"Jillian Galloway"

Your article is way too narrow in scope. You completely ignore very recent federal actions in places like California—one of the most pot-friendly places on Earth—where the feds are shutting down dispensaries. Large and profitable dispensaries. Landlords won't even lease to these operators since they risk property confiscation by the feds—not the State of California. Anything Oregonians do will be subject to the same federal harassment, regardless of any state law. The feds seem to be going after multimillion-dollar producers, of which there are many. Has any WW reporter thought to ask why? I am sure it is much more than a simple case of bong envy.


"Medical" marijuana is a joke. The cause would be better served if these people stopped pretending their efforts are anything more than an attempt to legalize their crutch.


I've been buying and smoking weed in Portland for over 30 years. The weed today is of the best quality and of comparable price to the cheapest ($30-$40 for an eighth of an ounce) in those 30 years. The various plans to "legalize" weed are just entrepreneurial grasps at a lucrative market. I love things the way they are. I get 2 ounces of quality bud (Noid, Train Wreck, Haze, etc.) every month for free. It works for me and it works for my Oregon Medical Marijuana Program grower.

—"Dona Marina"


The author of this article ["Teff Love," WW, Jan. 25, 2012] should try Sengatera Ethiopian Restaurant on [Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard]. It is the more original of them all. The menu is a value, the quality of the food is very good, and the people are very friendly. Best injera bread in town. I have been there twice and will continue to go.

"Eddie Dantes"

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