Love and ink create a potent alloy. Shaw Flick's chest testifies to that. The 29-year-old Portland man is tattooed with a nearly life-size portrait of his dog, Scurvy.

Make that Flick's ex-dog—or ex's dog.

Flick and his then-girlfriend adopted the cairn terrier-poodle puppy from the Oregon Humane Society six years ago. The pooch was a big part of their lives, serving as ring bearer at their 2008 wedding, led down the aisle by the best man.

"He's very sweet and energetic, and what I miss the most about him is how he would curl up with me at night and nuzzle his face into me or rest his chin on my leg," Flick says.

Things didn't work out. The marriage asunder, Scurvy lives in New York with Flick's ex and her boyfriend. Flick let his ex take the dog, but he did ask her to pay for the tattoo, which was inked in six hours during the couple's separation.

"I had a talk with Scurvy about how this other guy was not his father, and apparently he's taken that to heart," Flick says. "My ex sends me pictures and videos of the dog, and from what I can gather he appears to miss me. That's what I'd like to believe, anyway."

As ink goes, newsprint is much more fleeting than a tattoo. But not necessarily any less heartfelt, as you'll find in these pages. Willamette Week asked readers to pen valentines to their pets, and they responded in droves. Among them you'll find a note from Flick, too.

"It's just like, 'I love you, I miss you, come back to Portland,'" he says. "I don't necessarily think of the loss or life without him as much as I think about how things were when we were together."

Someday, Flick says, he may love again. But not yet.

"I like animal companionship," he says. "But I don't like the idea of replacing him, because he's a pretty special guy."

Abner Jay

My witness is the empty bowl and the warm lap, you love all, not just the kibble.
Aiden McDougal 
Everything is perfect about you, except when you eat the garbage (such a small price to pay for unconditional love).

Love, Your mommas
To the dog that is always licking her butt, eating the turkey from the grocery bag before we catch you, and keeping us up at night with your incessant whimpering...Happy Valentine’s day. You forever complete our family. Josh and Jenni
Apollo and Orion
mew meow maw. kitties, oh kitties. thanks for letting us buy the house so you could run it. we enjoy being your bitches. that is all. meow.
You make my dreams come true. Especially when I dream about being nipped in the middle of the night, or cuddling with you as you purr. I forgive all the sickness. Meow!
BABY (the cat)!
Twelve years of purrfect love! Your squeaks, nudges, & purrs have added fullness to my life that can never be duplicated. Chloe thanks you for being the best fur buddy in the world!
I love you my furry needy princess. Even when I’m in bed & you notice I’m awake so you meow and walk all over me till I get up. Not that you’re hungry or want to play, just to have me up. But, I’m glad you flew with me here from Florida. 
I love you for distributing

the contents of the kitchen garbage bags into more manageable collections on the living room carpet. How thoughtful of you to help

Bama Rama Little Boy Blue, I Love You!
Becky & Brian
How to express the happiness our Chinese cats give us daily. After many tests, pokes and probes, an 18-hour-plus plane ride (with 3 transfers), their own passports…so happy to be in Oregon. Trees, grass, clean air and water, birds, squirrels AND mice! Happy Day you two, happy every day. Love you much, G and G.
Beija Georges
I love you the most, my magical Ouija-Mon Teddy Spaghetti. Thank you 4 being a teen corgi/sharpei dream. I love you so much more than your sister Wishbone. But I still won’t take u to see Katy Perry. xoxoxo Nicole 
My dearest kitty cat Benny, you filled my heart with joy again after I lost of my dog of 15 years, Toby, to brain cancer this year. I love how you come to your name to be snuggled and loved. I love how you cry when you are separated from me. In many ways, you are more dog than cat. So please stop peeing on the bed or my boyfriend will give you away. 
My dearest, most handsome are my little life partner and my best friend. I’ve loved the last 10+ years we’ve spent together and am so happy you trusted me enough to let me bring you in off the cold stinky streets back in B.C. I love you so much! You are my Valentine, sweet Bill. Thanks for being awesome. Love always, your Daddy 
Binca LaRue
Lover of everything and everyone who knew her, has passed on. She is sorely missed this St. Valentine’s Day. Rest in peace, my little Rue.
Blanche and Dorothy
To our golden girls -

Who says your valentine has to be human. You love us unconditionally and bring happiness to our lives every day. So, this valentine is for our two adorable dachshunds, Blanche and Dorothy...will you be our valentine? -S&B
Blue Bowen
As soon as we locked eyes at the animal shelter, I knew we were to become inseparable. I don’t mind that you ate my favorite hat, and always steal and hide my socks. You are my best friend, and I love you so much. Thank you for being part of our family.

Love your mum.
We are so lucky someone decided they didn’t want you anymore—their loss is our big win. You filled that hole in our heart that was left when we lost Jake in November. We love you more than chocolate, candy and flowers, and hope that you love us more than bones, tennis balls and trips to the park too!
Mr. B - wonderful combination of tough and sweet - attacking a prowler - guarding our baby grandchildren - always ready to play - credit to all German Sheps - many thanks - fondly remembered
The whole dog world can just shut it down—you’ve got this. Love, Zeke, Quimby, Patience, Rhoda, Bunt, The Swede, and all your friends at WW.
How do I let you know how much I love you? It’s only been a short time we’ve been together, just think of all the fun adventures we have in our future. Here’s to us you old lucky guy!
Bud Pardo Epstein
“Ode to Bud”

Oh, Little Man

Hungry all the time

Still spazzing at the mailman

Like you did in your prime

Coat like milk chocolate

Paws, frosted white

Eyes, golden caramels

Such a sweet delight

You came from mean streets

But us? Meant to be

Now we both know

YOU rescued ME
You’ve been my buddy for over 10 years. You sit on my chest and claw my beard when I’m sleepy, you wait patiently for me to work through my hangover before I feed you in the morning. You love the ladies as much as me. You are the best tabby cat ever.
Since we met, you’ve bravely weathered countless shitstorms by my side. Your hopeful eyes staring into mine, the sole reason I got back up and struggled to make a better life for us when I wanted to curl up and die. You have my heart for eternity. Love, Mama.
Buster Nutts Brown
You are the fastest wiener dog in PTown, you’re so fast you even ran away from the pound and into my life, turning my frown upside down, and that’s why you’re my Buster Nutts Brown! Happy Birthday and Valentine’s Day to the biggest and fastest Wiener Dog around, and I’ll always be picking your poop up off of the ground!
Oh the places you did go. la new york tokyo.

escaping on planes gave you a rush. coast to coast the vets’ biggest

pet crush. we all miss your charming fuzzy ways. and think of you

fondly every day. meow.
Cash (puppy) and Ebi (kitty)
Mom and Dad love you kids. We pick up your poo and give you crunchy food to your heart’s desire!

Hugs and Kisses,

Mom and Dad
OMG! Your perfectly adorable face and head tilt! COME CUDDLE WITH ME!
Even though you are no longer with us. You will forever be in our hearts. We all miss you especially your cat friend Linus. Thanks for a wonderful 12 years. Love, Mom & Dad
Chester and Chance
You claw up my roommate’s stuff. You eat my headphones. You vomit on my bed at 5 AM. I scoop your poop...yet, I still let you live here. If that doesn’t say I love you, perhaps this ad will. I love you.
Hunter of bed mice, white feathers, and everything that moves. I love it when you get The Darts, the Scootsies, and the Rollsies. I love the way you demand food and all your “help” folding laundry. You’re the cutest cat in the world! I chews you! Love, Sara
Chewie Lee
Our eyes first met 6 years ago, the saddest looking girl in the pound.

We’ve laughed, cried, sang, napped...and napped more

You’re the best bitch ever, til death do us part

And even though you’re old and grey, you always have the key to my heart
Chloe (the dog)!
Thanks for all the licks & hugs over the years! You’ve added more love in my life that I didn’t know was possible. You’re the best frisbee catcher this side of the Mississippi! furBaby loves your companionship 4ever!!!
My little poofball with all your fur, you are a little pupcake. When the snow falls down you get little snow balls in your hair it is so cute. You only weigh 3 pounds and you are full grown. I love your personality. You make our family laugh, and you make are family complete from your admirer, ???
You are the best puppy the best in the world. Coco ,you are a little pupcake. I love you so, so, so, much. You are very cute and silly. The first time I laid eyes on you I knew you were perfect. Sometimes Coco is crazy but we still love her. I love you to pieces, Coco.
To our lovely little Coconut. You are a bright, shining light and we are so lucky to have you... Who rescued who?

I love your soft, soft fur, and your attention to detail at bath time.

I love your sweet, little, wet nose.

Dame Isabella Donna deBlanco (Bella)
I am a Wiccan, and as such believe in familiars. My Bella is my familiar—a part of my soul left behind in heaven to rejoin me in animal form to make this life more tolerable. I love her so much and cannot fathom a day when she won’t be by my side.
When you joined our family, we thought about changing your name, but we soon realized that you are so a Danci with an “i” and over that i is a heart instead of a dot. We heart you bigtime! The Hasan Family
Dandy Lion
You are the best cat on the face of the planet. I can never say no to your big fluffy kittycat face. My door will always be open to you when you want pets. You are my neighbor’s cat, but you have a warm place in my heart. I love you, Dandles.
Darby and June Bug
What zany antics you bring into our home. You both are as crazy as Icarus who flew to close to the sun. Why fly when you can calmly clomp clomp your paws and not make us so dizzy. Pretty soon this entire partnership will progress into a treasure of memory and togetherness. Ant & Bee.
You are the #1 dog.

You were twice as big and a lot more bitey than we thought you’d be when we adopted you. Now that you know we won’t abandon you or hurt you, you’re the sweetest and most loyal and intelligent pal anyone could ever ask for.
To the only man whose never let me down,

We’ve been through a lot together: 9 moves, 3 states, 2 coasts, 2 ex-boyfriends, 2 hospital stays, hell, you’ve even done time at the pound. Twice. Through it all it’s always been us. At 18 years you’re my longest (healthy) relationship. Anyone who knows me has to go through you first. We’re a package deal, always have been and always will be. What gets me through most things is knowing that no matter what, I have to do right by you. I almost lost you this year and it was scary. Some people called it a Christmas miracle. I call it modern veterinary science and $1,000. But then again, knowing what you mean to me, what we mean to each other, maybe someone or something new that I’m not strong enough to be without you. Not yet. I love you...even though you always come between my boyfriend and me...literally...every night. Egyptians believed that cats serve as the temporary resting place for human souls. That must be true. You are a crotchety, dirty old man. My valentine, my cat David.
You are not just my best friend, but my family and I am so glad I rescued you because we needed each other.

You are such a good boy, Stinky, and the best hound around.

I love how excited you are to see me after work and our trips to the dog park.

I love how you snuggle with me when I am down and I love when you get your fox and run around the house.

I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

Happy Valentine’s Day.
Dexter and Willy
You cuddle with the best of ’em. You’re little...tiny even. You both know how to throw your own toys for solo entertainment and you’re ridiculously cute. Because of this, I will look past the accidents, farting, and eating of cords, socks, headphones and bras.

Love you furever (GET IT?!).
The man who was selling you asked me, “Do you want a mean one, or a nice one?” (Southern accent) Although you constantly have goopy eyes and scabs all over you, I’m glad I picked you that fateful morning. I wouldn’t want anyone else to take up half the bed...and well, no one else ever will. Thanks for being there sweet D and for living up to my choice of a “mean” kitty. Your tiny head is one that only I could love. 
I know love shouldn’t hurt, but sometimes I love you so much that it does.  The amount of time I spend thinking about you might disturb some people, but I’m certain you’re the embodiment of unconditional love. You are the Dooley Lama.
Your bad breath, your stinky bum, I love both, but they make some run. Your snaggletoothed grin, your yappy bark, let me know I’m safe in the dark. The scale says 6 lbs., your brave heart says 60, conquering any fear and adventure with me. I love you Eddie! 
You came and you made us so happy, now we love you so much, it’s sappy. You have such a sweet little noggin, you are my Valentine’s Day doggin. 
Your late-night sprints down the hallway, high-pitched squeals followed by a quick spin to seize your tail and silly puppy smiles ignite many giggles; your snuggles spark great warmth; and your precious essence continually opens my heart.
Fergie Davis
Feisty, funny, smart & well-read, she hails from Amish Country, our little redhead, give her commands she turns the other cheek, kisses she supplies every day of the week! Thank you red-haired devil for all that you do on V-Day & beyond, we will eternally love you!
I love your squishy little Persian face & how you snort & snore.

I love that you sit next to me for dinner & eat my maple syrup. I love that you stand on one leg, like a pirate, when you use your litter box. That really makes me laugh.
I love every ounce of you. All 272 ounces. Forever and ever. Please get off my chest.
Roses are red, violets are blue. Even when you poop in the corner, I still love you and want to snuggle.
Snort snort sniff sneeze. Sneeze sneeze sniff hump. Head-tilt. Sneeze sniff. Burp fart sneeze, head-tilt.

Sniff sneeze fart,

Love, Dad
Roses are red

Violets are blue

My best friend is orange

With a heart of gold so true!
Guido aka Burrito
I saved you from a trailer park, starvation, and my creeper ex that tried to steal you. You saved me from myself. I vow to hide your pills in tasty treats and supply you with a plethora of toys. Who’s the best boy? That’s right, it’s you.
Hamster Igor
I send my highest regards and blessings from under the rose bush. Unfortunately I have passed on and am awaiting the apocalypse to return as a zombie. Please know that your new family will treat you with nothing but respect and kindness. Enjoy my wheel.

-Hamster Shiva
You are a ray of sunshine!  Thank you for brightening every day with your sassiness and loving spirit!
Henry & Sunny
Oh little schnuggies, we love you so! We love to watch you play and grow. In our hearts you’ll always be, soft and snuggly and cute as two peas!
You are my friend, you are my kid,

I love you despite the carpet stain that you did.

I’m so proud of how well you were reared,

I don’t like puns, because they make me feel weird,

But, Holden, you’re the Valentine I want to be “holden.”
Even though you are not my dog, I love you. You, with your sass and your small-dog swag. No other Westie has been able to capture not only my heart, but my soul like you have. We are sisters, Iv. Sisters forever!
Jack Jensen
Puppy J, This year marks out 10th year together (or thereabouts). Thank you for being such a great dog. You make every day better. I love you, pups.
Jeremiah Weed
To my sweet fish face,

you light up my world.

I couldn’t ask for a better fish

To come home to each day.

Thank you for being a great

Listener. You read my energy.

It is true. I love you.

Happy Valentine’s day to the cutest, most loving puppy ever! Love, Mommy
Killa Finnagen  
Remember when you attacked the neighbor for climbing in our window, or when you bit the rude vet, the way you sleep in front of the bedroom door to ward off evildoers? We love the way you run to the door when we come home, the way you prove your loyalty by viciously attacking everyone but us. Thank you for being the best guard dog a cat could ever be. 
Since the day I adopted you, you have brought me much happiness and given me insane amounts of love. You’re the best dog a girl could ask for and I love you (even if you fart like a beast). 
I love you more than you love wet food. Thank you for always greeting me belly up at the door, no matter how bad of a day I’ve had it always makes me smile. Let’s play paw-paw and be BFFs forever!
You are my Sancho, my Watson, my Tonto, my Robin, my Silent Bob, my Gabrielle, my Garth, my Ethel, my Vanna, my Garfunkel, my Willow, my Weasley, my Costanza, my Al Gore, my Hobbes, my Samwise, and my Chewbacca. Thanks
Just over a year ago, you came into our home and our hearts. You helped us heal old wounds, gave us unconditional love and made us laugh more than once. We love you more than words can say, Little Monster!
You came into my life as a rescue dog...tiny...only 6 weeks old, but so full of life! Amber, Veda and Tucker became your Moms and Dad. From day one you tried to “hang” with the big kids and often got you are all grown and can hang with the gang. I love you for being part of my family...for introducing me to other people through dock jumping...for being my little furball that could!!!! —your Mom Silvia
Lil’ G
I love you even though you smell like ass.
Though more sour than sweet you are, you have been my loveliest pet by far. Never have I met a feline with such sass in her glare, and because of that glare I know you don’t care but...Happy Valentine’s Day anyway! 
My little one, baby bear, kookie monster, cuddle fish, sweetie pie, springer spaniel/border collie, wagger wag cakes, little face, dogs with jobs...You make PDX worth living! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all the little ones in the world! -Mama bear
Lily and Jake
I regret to inform you that after ten years of trying, both of you have repeatedly failed to qualify for the Mensa Cat Society of America. But since you’ve cuddled with me through 8 breakups and cancer, and haven’t pooped on the floor yet, I’ll keep you.
Linus and Indiana Bones
“Mirror mirror on the wall

Who’s the sweetest Valentine of All?”

Linus is so cute

He is a bit aloof

While with Indiana Bones

You’ll find Trouble is his “jones,”

So when the verdict’s in

It’s the one with the grin

That brings bacon home again!

PetLove Valentines they win
You stretchy-paw my face to get me to pet you and are a general furry nuisance. You’re lucky you’re so cute and helpless, because at 5 am every day, I am tempted to let the raccoon in our yard have you as his dinner instead of feeding you your breakfast.
Lola, the bulldog (nickname Loles)
It’s Valentine’s Day

Lola, my girl

You’re such a good laugh...

The best dog in the world

So today, let’s wrestle

And play Tug O’ War

We’ll snuggle and hug

Between naps and snores

No denying it, Loles

You’ve stolen my heart

In spite of the drool

And frequent farts
My love for you is so great that I don’t even care if you poop in the house. Now in your golden years, know without a doubt that Mommy will go into debt keeping you alive. My Heart Will Always Belong To You, Mommy
It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we busted you out. We promise to protect you from the vacuum cleaner and Carolina Kitty if you keep up your vigilance against kids on skateboards and guys with hats. Happy Valentine’s Day to our favorite rascally terrier!
Lucy Spotted Tongue Burn Strong
Our memory of life before you has vanished; likely because we can’t imagine life without you, sweet girl. Your bear and skunk parents are thankful beyond words. Thank you for crossing over into the human realm and injecting your canine joy and unconditional love into every day. 
To my pup,

I woke up this morning

and what did I see?

A wrinkled up Pug face

Just staring at me!

She had big black eyes

And a short little nose.

Soft velvet ears

folded up like a rose.

Just inches away

She gave a big wheeze,

Sucked in some air,

Let out a giant sneeze!

A joy? A pleasure? A thrill?

It IS not!

To be waked in the morning

By a spray of Pug snot!

-Author Unknown
Luke and Doug

Love, Caity
Please, pretty please with salmon and bacon on top, please be my Valentine. I love watching you eat, play and sleep. You are so perfectly furry and I don’t care that your breath sometimes smells like your bottom. You are the pup for me.

Love, Dan
Madeline (Maddy)
I could never express how much I love you so I just shower you with affection and cuddles instead. You bring me endless joy and amusement. People tell me all the time what I already know, and that is you are the cutest and sweetest pug ever.
Madeline Hayes
Just like all pretty girls, you are batshit crazy, I have no idea why you are so obsessed with my socks, but I can’t quit you, and if I was still in high school, I would take you to the prom!

Love, Dad

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You’re a pug.

your eye popped out that one time,

but it’s back in now.

good dog! stop eating my phone and stuff and i will love you more.

love = give you cookies. since that’s all you care about.

Nobody believes I have an interactive fish until they meet you. Then they meet you and want to know where to get one, but there is no encore with a Puffer like you. Thank you for letting me pet your fishskin, and for listening so skillfully. I simply love you
My little Weenie:

I love you

for inspiring me every day

to be more free-spirited

like you

when you pee on Mike’s bathmat

without a care in the world.

I should call you

the Honey Badger

of my heart.
Mar Mar! Our little girl!  We love you so very much.  Even though you’re a therapy dog’re a therapy dog for the family. Always by our side no matter what. You always know how to make us feel better. P.S. Grandma & Grandpa say you’re better than grandchildren! 

Love-Your Pet Parents (Mitzie & Jeremy)

my mister baby boy

You are the Marfield I’ve always wanted

I love you!

Little shitter!
Intoxicating white fur, and everywhere we go, people get jealous.

They do not understand my endless love for you.

They fail to go beyond the cuteness factor.

You are often confused for a bear, or dog.

The truth is, you are my shield, which

protects me from a broken heart.
You weenie, you’ve always been a manipulative little rat to all that have known you, but sometimes you let your more charming doxie side show. Seeing as you are pushing 17, we won’t have you much longer, so wanted to let you know we love ya.
I don’t know how anyone could abandon a senior dog, let alone your sweet face. Though you look like Yoda and an Ewok had a baby, and are missing teeth, I love you. I’m glad you were my foster dog failure.
Named for trouble, and well deserved—tougher than your brothers—you funny—OK, sleep on our heads.
You are my soul mate, my best friend, my little shadow.

Playing fetch with your vibrant feline self is unparalleled.

Thanks for adopting me; I’d be lost without you, babycat.
Mickey Rourke
You’ve come such a long way in the last 2 years. You’re almost a real dog, even if you do take cues from the cat. Your unbridled joy at my mere presence lets me know you love me too. You are proof that rescued pets are the best.
Milo & Lola
You were my yin & yang, my two halves, and I learned so much about life and love from you both. Thank you for travelling through life with me. I am a better person for having known you.

Love, Jessica (mom)
Mino cat

black and white purrbox

pouncing, stalking, cuddling,

Birdwatching, tail twitching

my big-mouth furry baby 
Mishka and Sasha
My furry Valentines,

We love you even when you’re shedding

We love you even when you disobey

We love you even when you’re naughty

Because you brighten our life, every day


Mama and Papa
Mochi cute are you? Even after you poo on the carpet we’re still luv struck. If only people would stop asking if you were named after the damn ice cream—your name is short for Kakimochi and don’t you forget it!

You’re the best cat...we mean dog, ever.
Me and you, just us two...and lots of your poo.
I love Moose

He likes bicycles

and popsicles
Mr. Sinister
A feline angel was sent to Earth,

On the day of Sin’s birth.

Black, white, full of joy.

I mew he was my special boy.

My puss is made of fur, meows and drool,

Of cat poop, whiskers and supercool.

Although he may be low on smart,

He’s never slow to steal your heart. 
Mr. Smash
How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways....

-3 loaves of Ken’s Artisan Bakery bread stolen off the kitchen table....8.97

-1 pair of Lucky slingback sandals reduced to shreds....59.99

-12 pairs of panties, eaten whole (and exited whole:)....108.00

-My love for Mr. Smash.....priceless.
I’m allergic to you, but I love your indifference towards me. Meow. 
Ever since 9/11/2001 you have been in our life. You brought us comfort on that day, and hope for the future. And ever since then, you have always been there for us. You comfort all of us. You are the sweetest cat ever. You are my best friend. 

You are the greatest

Love of my life

So much better with you in it-

That’s why you get to sleep with me!

Love Mama 
You are the prettiest girl in the world. My heart bursts into a million tiny slivers of joy every time I see you.

I want to spend every second of my day with you, because you are perfect!

Love, Dad
Ever since you came into my life two years ago and vomited on my carpet, I knew I would love you forever. I still think you’re the prettiest Siamese cat I’ve ever seen.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Mama Addie
I always wished I had a cat and here you are. You are the best cat that I know! You always jump up when I pet you. You are really funny ’cuz most cats don’t drink out of the sink. I really LOVE you Paige! <3
Pancho & Lefty
My golden boy Pancho, you’re so soft and sweet,

and Lefty my love, you sure know how to sleep,

Pancho, you could be in Doggie GQ.

Lefty, there is an award for the bravery you exude.

Will you be my sweet hounds for Valentine’s Day, and every day after? 
I thought you name was cute, since I’m allergic to peanuts. So I adopted you. Then I found out that you also have food allergies. Buying that expensive grain-free, dairy-free, fish-free food is not so cute. But it’s worth it, because we were obviously made for each other.
Pema, Mitts, Butters, Smokey
Happy Valentine’s day to my amazing cats, dog and snake. You all bring me a lot of love and warmth (literally, because the heater in my apartment sucks) and joy. Stewie, you are probably wondering why your name was left out—well, you are a mean dog. Maybe next year. I only have enough love to go around for 4. Okay...I kind of like you sometimes. —Elizabeth
You are my darling chunky ball of fur. I used to abhor cats before I met you—now I couldn’t imagine my life without you. You changed my life—love you! 
Percy @ Val
To my two romantic “Percevals,” whose gentle quest wafts through each day as sweetest birdsong, recalling for us all that love is all there is.
You are my soul mate, my best friend and more loving than any Valentine. Better than all the chocolate in the world! Thank you for your being with me. You are Phantastic. Love, Pidge
Phinneaous Stinkerton
Donkey bunny, gopher mole, jackalope—though most people don’t know what the hell you are, you are my mine. Only true love can see past the jokes about your bowl-shaped butt and the stench of your rodentness, and I, my dear, truly do love all 20 pounds of you.
Piper P Jones
You rascally, beautiful creature! You eat better than I do, and most of my office. Little did I know how happy you’d make me when I first picked you up as a wee pile of forehead and eyes. XOXO
We adopted you, and you were a problem immediately. The first three months were a constant battle of finding ways to keep you from wrecking the place up. You got your fluffy hair everywhere. Over time it got easier though, and you became one of the most goofy, adorable friends we have ever had. You loved having your armpits scratched, you would let us pick you up under the arms and make you dance, and you’d greet us in the morning with headbutts to the nose. Watching you get sick was awful, and I’m so sorry for all the medication and needles, but at least you got to see the Christmas lights before you went. You’ve been gone for over a month now, but we still think about you and miss you every day. You were a constant friend in difficult times, and we love you dearly even though you’re gone. Thank you for making us so happy, Poseph.
Poesy Doesy,

oh how I’ve come to love

chapsticks never had as much fun

nor have I.

You’ve been the little love cuddler Jamie

has always needed. Thank you for coming into

our lives and shining your light. I Love You.

Little DunkerTrunks!
Pokey My Little Puppy...I miss you so much. You were the best doggy ever!! I will always love you!!
Hey chubby-bunny, maybe you should take a note from your fellow kitty companion and go chase squirrels to help work off that big-round-ball-of-fur thing you’ve got going on. I guess it wasn’t fair that I named you after a round fruit...okay fine, here’s some more Fancy Feast. 
Precious, Shadow, and my sweet rescues,
My beloved fur children, you have enriched my life in ways you’ll never know. You are always excited to see me, and give me so much love. You all know that you were rescued from hell, and are now loving your new lives full of walks, play time, friends, good food, treats, and unlimited hugs and kisses! I will always love you!
Professor (Charles) X.

I dream of serving you canary,

As I clean your dingleberries.

Others always stop and swoon, but

You let them know, you’re my Maine Coon. 
You taught me how to love unconditionally. But please stop destroying the red velvet chair.
Razzie Doodle
13 years together, your love and loyalty always there.

Our time together has gone so quickly.

Your eyes have gone dark, but you still lead the way on our walks

Together until the end of our time, you are the best my 4-legged Valentine.
Haiku For Reign

Sixteen years ago

My life changed for the better

You are my best friend
Rice & Pope Leo
From the pound you both did arrive.

Our love for you none can contrive.

We’ll bribe you with nummies

To fill up your tummies

If you’ll just let us sleep past five.
Muddy paw prints in my kitchen. Dog slobber dripping down the walls. Warm paw in my hand. Cold, wet nose in my cleavage. Web cam to track your every move while I’m at work.  No, you don’t need a restraining order. I just love you, dammit. A lot.
Rin Tin Tin
Though I only saw you on T.V.

you were always the best dog to me

Bet you could even beat up Lassie.
Roscoe, Shadow & Luke
You’re a bunch of unruly bastards and you drive me crazy, but yet I can’t imagine my life without you mutts. I love you guys to death and you know I’d do anything for you. <3 -Mommy Leah
Rosie and Skye
You have crazy food allergies, got a thorn stuck in your eye, pick fights with cats and sometimes peed on me. Luckily, you have more character than most people can only dream of. Cancer can go fuck off, ’cause I want you to stay with me forever!
Ruby the Cat
Even though you pee on our shoes, laundry and furniture, you’re still the coolest cat around.  Love ya, McKenzie and Scott
Dearest Sambolino - You’re the best black cat I’ve ever met and I’m glad I brought you in from your life on the streets. Despite the shredded blinds, ripped leather chair and surprise piles of puke, I love you, fangs and all.
Sandy Blyth-Gallegos
To the love of my life: You have shown me “Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferocity, and all the Virtues of Man, without his Vices.” You may have come to me as a rescue, but truly it was you who saved me. 
You call me your ah ah

What ever that means to you?

You sing to me with such a beautiful voice.

Sometimes I wonder what your really saying?

The way you bap your tail in my face.

I can not help but laugh!

You will always have a piece of me my dear sweet little one!

Happy Valentine Day.
Thank you for coming into my life when I needed you the most. Your hearty purr and porcine body is always there when I’m sad, sick, or just need extra attention. You are my best buddy.
The six painful hours tattooing your face on my ribs will never compare to the hurt of living without you. I thought things would be fine, but your move to New York in fact fucking destroyed me. Come home, and I promise I’ll love you and play with you forever. 
My little man moves like a fox—and with a stick and a long string he will chase my socks! He is my little black cat named Shadow, and without him I would be lost.
Everyone says that you are lucky to have me, since you are brain damaged, can’t walk, and have seizures. But I am the lucky one to have you in my life for 8 years. Will you be my feline valentine?


Simon the Bengal Cat
When I look into your turquoise eyes, It’s like gazing into heaven. Your sweet and spunky personality fills my heart with such joy. I find myself staring uncontrollably at you all the time; your beauty is like candy. Your physique and coat are so sleek and majestic, you’re sexy. 
Simone and Billy Ray
To my kids, as my disability gets worse, thank you for your love, comfort, and humor, and for giving me a reason to get out of bed, even if it takes me thirty minutes to do so. It’s tuna for you two tonight.
You’ve saved my life and have taught me how to love. You were half dead when we found you, but I’d like to think that you rescued me. Keep being loud and skittish! Here is hope to many more years teamed together. Love you Monkey.
I always have had a thing for black girls, and you are no different my nubian queen!

Happy Valentine’s day to my youngest daughter, you are the apple of my eye.

Love, Dad





and you beez loved by me.

You sound like Chewbacca and give high-fives like a boss. Our snuggle parties are never-ending, and I want to smash your face with daily lovies. Will you be mine 4eva?

Love, your besties,

Nicolle & Jon
Felis catus is your taxonomic nomenclature,

An endothermic quadruped, carnivorous by nature;

Your visual, olfactory, and auditory senses

Contribute to your hunting skills and natural defenses.

I find myself intrigued by your subvocal oscillations,

A singular development of cat communications

That obviates your basic hedonistic predilection

For a rhythmic stroking of your fur to demonstrate affection.

A tail is quite essential for your acrobatic talents;

You would not be so agile if you lacked its counterbalance.

And when not being utilized to aid in locomotion,

It often serves to illustrate the state of your emotion.

O Spot, the complex levels of behavior you display

Connote a fairly well-developed cognitive array.

And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend,

I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend. 
For our walks called “leashure time,” for the time at the bank I told them to put the money in “our” account, for the time you had to wear a cone and I wore a lampshade, for warding off the nighttime monsters and the wintertime blues, Steve, I love you!
We love those fuzzy paws as they run in the muddy Park.
We love that goofy-high-pitched bark.
We love your crazy squirrel addiction
We love that floppy ear contradiction.
We even love the way you wake us up.
But mostly, we just love you little pup.
Eight years ago I found you flea-ridden and nearly dead. Now you sleep in my sink and gnaw on the butter left out on the counter. You are my heart.  
You are such a great addition to the Rogue Ales Family. Everyday you help watch over the comings and goings at our Hop Farm. You made friends with the chickens, turkeys, pigs, Bed n Hop guests, and Chatoe customers. Hugs and Hops to you Sully, The Rogue Ales Family
Sully and Gordon
Gordon’s Ode to Sully

Skinny, furless spirit—touched me instantly 

Together we healed and grew stronger 

at moments you channel our boy, sleeping on his bed, playing with his toys  

Now with full coat and massive personality; fill our hearts and deeply cherished  

You, my long tailed tabby, walk in the paw prints of our beloved Dane.
Syd Vicious
You’ve kept me from finding an apartment, hate the people I date and keep my bank account in check by landing yourself at the vet for swallowing...everything. Luckily, there’s no one else with better comedic timing and life-coaching skills whose butt fluff I’d rather trim. Happy V-Day, life partner!
I love that you greet me at the door, with my shoe in your mouth. I love that you encourage me to get outdoors, your leash in your mouth. I love that you lean against me when I pet you, your toy in your mouth. You are mischievously cute! 
Though you ate our couch, chewed up the outside of the fridge, and scared the mailman, we still love you. And even though sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night to puke in my shoes, I know you mean well. You’re still the world’s most lovable, amazing dog!
The Dude
This Dude, with whom I reside

Is my one true love, I must confide.

Although many times, for food he has cried

He’s the coolest cat on the East Side.

My Valentine I cannot hide

Tis you, Dude, it will not be denied.

For you I would cross the great divide

Because Dude, you always abide.
To my baby Boy Tom Tom, you’re soo rambunctious, I love you like a fat kid loves cheesecake, you’re the apple of my eye, you’re my gray love of my life, so handsome and sweet. I will love you forever and ever..and EVER.! I hope I have made you happy and I hope you live a LONG HEALTHY FULL LIFE!!

Love your mama Janice!! <3 <3 <3
Titus Elliot Aaron Friezerson
Sweetest Baby-boy: You were mine the minute I saw the fuzzy snapshot of you as a little bean, eyes closed and army-crawling. You have brought more joy, peace, love and adorable to this family than anyone has a right to. On our first Valentine’s Day together, let me run the risk of ridicule by saying you are one of the loves of my life and my soul mate. I love you, Titus! 
Titus Lucretius
Could you be the only man I can count on? I find you by my side in my desperate moments...warm and handsome with your oddly reassuring patrician nose and dark gray fur. Your only fault? Not being human. Your greatest gift? Not being human.
Ever since we adopted TJ he has been the light of our life. No matter what kind of day that we had at work or with family, when we get home the love and kisses and running around with TJ will make you forget about all your worries. Just walking in that door, laying on the floor, just to receive all those hugs & kisses puts you in a better mood. Even through these hard and depressing times TJ just smiles, chases his tail, barks, runs up and down through the house and kitchen...just makes you forget everything. The whole neighborhood is in love with TJ. He has several girlfriends that walk by, looking for him to say hello or get a kiss on their way home or to work. TJ gets more presents than me and my wife combined! He is so spoiled, he rides in the car like “Let’s go, Dad, next stop please,” he’s so funny. Ask anyone in our neighborhood and they will all say we love TJ. 
Happy Valentine’s Day to my cat, I love you no matter where you’re at!
Too Bad
You are my grey cat and I have mad love for you, despite your frequent need to have your stinky butt wiped clean. Not loving the skids, babe, but you have a lifetime guarantee.
I just wanted you to know that I have loved you since the day I saw your BIG emerald eyes and BIG GREMLIN ears...when you got handed to me in the parking lot of a Petco in Vancouver, Wash. You fit in the palm of my hand and I cried because you where the cutest kitten I had ever seen in my life. I hope I have been a good mommy to you and I also hope you live a FULL HEALTHY VERRRRY LONG LIFE! I LOVE you soo much my SHUUSHI Bear. <3 <3 <3

Love Your Mama Janice Denniston
You are so goddamn stupid that you deserve nothing more than to be loved and cuddled as much as possible. Kelsey and I will still kick your ass.
You are a piglet a puglet a 5-month-old snugglet.

stealing covers from the bed, always begging to be fed. 

licking snacks up off the floor, by the way you snore snore snore.

we love you with all our hearts, and excuse your stinky farts!

xoxo h & b
You are a saint among dogs.

you let your pal maeby sit on you all the time and only groan a little.

aside from that one murdered squirrel, you are a friend to all.

you’re aces, champ.
Waverley Sugar Bumpkin Mister Whiskers Buttbrain
We’ve been mauled, bitten, and stabbed in the face by your fits of passion. We clean your vomit and never receive bartender tips. We rarely get a good night’s rest because you sleep on us and you are huge. In short, you’ve trained us well for human children. Thank you
My friend, my companion, my child, my dog

Your needle nose butts into me for attention

You bark at waves

and hyperventilate as we approach your favorite hiking trail

I love you so much

Boogs, Winn, Kooks, Babe

Don’t ever leave me

forlorn, alone

missing you forever.
Happy Valentine’s Day to a true weirdo. If I could provide a world of urinals, meat, and blankets for you I would, but in the meantime I will continue to save your life daily by feeding you a kidney diet & catching you before you fall down the stairs. 
Woodrow & Ranger
You two are so easy to love! Woodrow, you are truly the ambassador of love. Ranger, you have such an earnest soul. Happy Valentine’s Day to my better halves! Always, Jessica
Zoi & Lil
Queen among cats

She is the strongest

She will bring happiness to families