My sons and I, who have eaten at [Andy] Ricker's places in Portland, recently enjoyed dinner at Pok Pok Wing ["Thai Hard," WW, Feb. 1, 2012]. The food is good, and the Portlanders might even succeed where others have failed: teaching New Yorkers grammar, syntax and manners.

—"Jerry Adams"

I just wonder, really, why people always have to go big and go national? Isn't it enough to make a good (a great!) living at home, employing locally and staying humble? I honestly don't understand why small businesses are so eager to become big ones, at seemingly any cost. I don't bear this guy any ill will, so long as he doesn't contribute to the sell-out-ification of PDX (I'm looking at you, Stumptown), but I gotta wonder.


Kudos on a wonderful cover story! Andy is clearly one of the most selfless, humble people out there, and I'm proud to have him representing PDX to N.Y. and elsewhere. His talent has been appreciated by us locals for years, and I would hate to see people turn on him now for having the nads to expand and attempt to make a living.



[Eileen] Brady keeps trying to have it both ways ["Manual Dexterity," WW, Feb. 1, 2012]. She says she co-founded New Seasons, but yet won't take any responsibility for the anti-union decisions the company made. She's developed a real habit of talking out of both sides of her mouth.
CRC, New Seasons, etc. I'm beginning to think she's a real fraud.

—"Bill Stone"

The article ignores the fact that New Seasons is but one of the many productive jobs she's held. Does she have business experience? Having known Eileen professionally, the answer for me is yes. She's a strategic promoter and expert communicator. Portland could use more of that.



Wow, a fairly stark contrast: Big-money interests like developers and bankers are putting their faith and trust in the other [mayoral] candidates ["City Hall Bucks," WW, Feb. 1, 2012], but [Jefferson] Smith is getting the support of what look to be, y'know, regular people of Portland who don't control much more than their vote and their tightened pocketbooks.


Here's an article I'd like to see: One that attempts to answer the question, "If government is for the people, and the people have the power, why are corporations and monied interests spending over a million dollars on [mayoral] candidates?" In other words: What fools out there believe that local government is of, by and for the people? Because I've got some used videotapes of Portlandia I'd like to sell you.

—"Power Mad"

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