Your sidebar ["A New Seasons Founder Refutes Brady's Claims," WW, March 7, 2012] is most notable for what it leaves out, particularly since relevant information was made available to you prior to press.

Stan Amy provided an unequivocal validation of Eileen Brady's role as co-founder and in support of her significant contributions to the success [of New Seasons Market]. Willamette Week's decision to minimize the input of Mr. Amy, co-founder and board chair of New Seasons, is regrettable. Your readers will benefit from seeing what was left out:

"New Seasons was founded by three local families and 50 of our friends, and she and her husband, Brian Rohter, were one of the families.

"Eileen and Brian invested in our start-up with earnings from her high-tech career. She was one of the people who gathered around my kitchen table in planning meetings to map out the company. In these meetings, she helped establish our concept as a neighborhood grocery store selling natural, organic and conventional products, and craft our founding values as a supporter of the regional food economy, a committed neighbor and citizen, a great place to work and a champion for sustainability.

"In our early years, we were a very small company with limited resources and relied upon founders to play various roles. Eileen shared her human resources experience and helped design and negotiate our first health insurance program. She also helped launch our marketing program, contributing to our insert concept, our original website and our videos highlighting rural producers.

"Over the years, the company asked Eileen to represent it in the community by serving as our representative on the Oregon Health Fund Board, Oregon Health Policy Board and Oregon Business Association. Eileen has never been an employee of the company or a member of our board. She has played an important role as one of our co-founders contributing greatly to the success of the company.” 

It is disappointing that such important details were omitted, but we appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight for your readers.

—Neel Pender
Eileen Brady for Mayor


I live in Lake Oswego near the lake and have a boat easement associated with my neighborhood. Your article ["Lake Affront," WW, March 7, 2012] was well written and researched. I like that you spoke to the Lake Oswego Police and Clackamas County Sheriff's departments regarding the legality of being on the lake. 

Your article clarifies the mumbo jumbo I've always heard about the ownership of the lake. I'll be interested to see if more non-resident kayaks and canoes will be on the lake. Since there are no public boat launches, it seems like the only threat to the "quality of life" for lakeshore residents is an increase in human-powered boat traffic.

—Barry Reeves
Lake Oswego

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