If [Charlie Hales] really loved Portland so much, then why didn't he support it with his tax dollars? ["The Road to Hales," WW, April 11, 2012.]

He could and should have paid taxes on 100 percent of his income using his Hayden Island condo, the same place [where] he was registered to vote. He could have slept in Stevenson, Wash., every night and used his Oregon residence for tax and voting purposes, and no one would care. Instead he saved $30,000.

You know we could pave some roads with $30,000.

Thanks for screwing us over, Charlie!


Charlie [Hales] is the complete package: vision, experience and leadership...plus he's a good, fair, decent guy. What more could we possibly want in a mayor with all of the challenges we are facing in the next 10 to 15 years? He begins with the end in mind....and is open to the full range of possibilities in between. He's got my vote.

—"Harley Leiber"

Changing political parties, changing residencies and lying about it...this guy is untrustworthy, period. I'm not enamored of either [Jefferson] Smith or [Eileen] Brady just yet, but Hales would definitely be my LAST choice for mayor.

— "PDX citizen"

The funny thing about living your life in the public eye for 20 to 30 years is that when you learn something, listen to people and change your mind, people call it being opportunistic. As for the tax stuff, it looks like he did his taxes right and his voting wrong. But I wouldn't want to stop voting in the place I knew so much, and cared so much about, either.

—"Jess Sam"


This would have been a great addition to Portland's entertainment scene ["P Palace Pileup," WW, April 11, 2012]. Really sad that it was stopped before it could start.

Any ideas on sharing the burden of seismic upgrades? The older buildings are the ones with character—but these required upgrades are prohibitive.



The Lake Oswego Corp. seems to be an "elitist" corporation ["Locking Up Oswego Lake," WW, April 11, 2012]. Not what Oregon is supposed to be about.

They should be sued ad nauseam for their arrogance. That selfishness and arrogance is unbelievable. They have plenty of money to live anywhere in the world, but to self-appropriate themselves water rights on a public lake is outrageous. 

Where is the governor? What is his take? Something is wrong here.

—"Sammy da Truth"

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