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Esperanza Spalding: "Once we get to be, like, 15, we start to forget what everybody did for us. You start to think you did it all yourself. That's when you start resisting your parents. You forget they used to wipe your butt and feed you and pick you up when you cried and rock you to sleep. And that can happen in music, too. We forget all of the factors that have allowed us to flourish. And it's more than just like a day job. You get your paycheck for the time you put in, you know, and maybe you feel a sense of security from having work. But in music it's like this other satisfaction, too, that comes—and it's so profound it penetrates so many aspects of your being. I really think, you know, that feeling is thanks to other people."

SEE IT: Esperanza Spalding plays the Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside St. on Wednesday, April 25. 8 pm. $35. All ages.