If this is true, it's very disturbing ["Sleepless in Abu Dhabi," WW, April 18, 2012]. But there is no proof at all other than his story, which even WW says it cannot confirm.

Can the FBI really just pick up a phone to the [United Arab Emirates] and say, "Torture this guy"?

The only link that the FBI was behind this was that he was questioned by the State Department in the past, and that the people torturing him told him they were doing this for the U.S. Why would he believe the people torturing him?

Why is he not filing a lawsuit against the UAE, the country that actually imprisoned and tortured him?

Either way, if he committed no crime, it was wrong of him to be imprisoned and hurt, but he should also probably start questioning the people who he saw doing this, the UAE. Even if the U.S. is behind it, go after both.

—"Foster D Square"

I have a question about the reference to rendition by proxy. In the story, it says "extraordinary renditions" is the practice of transferring captured suspects to countries lacking human rights standards." But doesn't the story say Yonas [Fikre] went to the UAE by his own choice? Don't get me wrong. I find the accusation insanely wrong and hope, if they are proven true to a reasonable extent, all involved are held to account. 


At no point in her statement did [FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne] Steele suggest that the agency was right in its actions.



Good writing. ["How the Timbers Lose," WW, April 18, 2012.] It's nice to see some thought going into Timbers pieces.


Well, at least we've improved from letting ridiculous goals after the 70-minute mark to after the 89-minute mark.


The late fade that is now commonplace is on [coach John] Spencer, the trainers, the offseason/preseason fitness plan. The boys are running out of gas, causing them to lose focus, and that's on the management and the coaches.



Cool guy ["Last Man Standing," WW, April 18, 2012]. I bet he could get minutes here next year.

Anyway, it seems like it would help the young guys to get a chance to play with Mr. [Kurt] Thomas. You should check out grass-fed beef, man.


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