So you guys like [Jefferson] Smith, think he has the best ideas, and understands the needs of the city better than anyone, but you are endorsing [Charlie] Hales [for mayor]? ["Election Is Coming," WW, April 25, 2012.]

Besides being somewhat of a dull character, and a lifelong bureaucrat, [Hales] also seems to have tread dangerously close to fraud. I don't see how you can endorse the guy after he sent his taxes to Washington state, lied about it, then came back to present himself as the guy Portland needs. I just can't wrap my head around that.

[Eileen] Brady comes off like she's acting how she thinks a politician should act.

Of these three, Smith seems like the best bet. There are so many checks and balances, I seriously doubt he could "fail spectacularly."

—"Jason Alvarez"

The Hales endorsement is a no-brainer. Experienced, talented, seasoned leader, manager. Can you imagine Brady in a meeting with the top commanders of the Police [Bureau]? Laughable.

—"Harley Leiber"

Thanks for caring about the gentrified minority groups on the east side of the river, WW. Oh, wait. Guess you're more concerned about how the Clark County commuters will get to and from work in Portland than you are about the people in your own city. Charlie is either a tax dodger or has committed voter fraud, and he's your pick?

—"East Portland"

As has always been the case, WW shows that they have more knowledge than judgment. They all but admit it: "Look, we know Hales is sketchy, but you should vote for him anyway." And why? Because he's the best-spoken of the group. I remember the last time they endorsed the best-spoken candidate: Sam Adams, which was a really bad call.


Thank you, Willamette Week. I appreciate that you were able to articulate positive attributes of all three top candidates, but endorsed the obvious choice for our next mayor.

—"Michelle DePass"


Why don't you guys ever cover the minor candidates? ["For Your Consideration, Another Option: Timothy Hutton," WW, April 25, 2012.] You guys only cover the big names like Hutton! WW sucks.


Hilarious idea, WW! Your phony election was a lot of fun.



Last week's endorsement for Metro Council District 5 misstated candidate Brad Perkins' last name and said he was an architect rather than a Realtor. WW regrets the errors.

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